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Testimonial 9

This is a delightful book, beautiful words, beautiful illustrations; they meld together perfectly to enhance the story…These are the important questions that everybody should be asking themselves, if they’re going to live a well-examined life, which, of course, is the only life worth living…It’s a beautiful story, it’s adaptable for all ages. All you need …

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Testimonial 8

(So-kah-bee) is the name of the story’s main character. The young Socoby travels on a path with dreams of a bright future. He meets Hope, Faith, Love, Wisdom, and Understanding. They all claim to be friends and promise to help him on his journey. As darkness approaches, Socoby and his new companions reach a fork …

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Testimonial 7

“WELL DONE ON YOUR BOOK CALLED SOCOBY!!! We…find SOCOBY a perfect way to share…the choices we all face in our walk through life.”

Testimonial 6-Steffi

I just read Bill’s book Socoby. The text and illustrations are wonderfully done. Your son has amazing talent. I definitely could see it being on stage … I like the message, very powerful.

Testimonial 5-Austin

I [had] a birthday party coming up for one of my friend’s kids and I thought SOCOBY would make the perfect gift. I ordered and read the book and wanted to tell you that it was really well done! The story was great and the illustrations are incredible. Thank you for sharing your creativity with …

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Testimonial 4

Even before I…read it myself…My 2 1/2-year-old granddaughter asked me to read this book to her … Just by the drawings, I told her that Socoby was trying to get home but he was going to need help along the way … She learned to not be fearful by the darkness of the journey but …

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Testimonial 3

SOCOBY is a breathtaking and striking illustrated story that poses fundamental questions about life and the conflict of good versus evil. This symbolic, cautionary tale profoundly represents what it’s like to travel through life’s journey – and face its greatest questions and struggles. The work of fiction is touching and intensely relevant – making it the …

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Testimonial 2

SOCOBY is an illustrated poem that is not only sumptuously beautiful but equally rich in concept. Looking through the pages you are transported to another realm full of fantastic creatures and environments, but if you allow yourself to think about the context, deeper messages and important lessons about life choices emerge that are applicable to …

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Testimonial 1

“The words make a poetic narrative that is deep; with the pictures, it becomes bottomless.”