Testimonial 8

(So-kah-bee) is the name of the story’s main character. The young Socoby travels on a path with dreams of a bright future. He meets Hope, Faith, Love, Wisdom, and Understanding. They all claim to be friends and promise to help him on his journey. As darkness approaches, Socoby and his new companions reach a fork in the path, and six figures appear. Their unnamed leader introduces his colleagues as Self, Passion, Hate, Jealousy, and Fear. Socoby is given the choice to pick which team and path he will take. I loved reading SOCOBY because it has a unique concept and a profound message. Everyone has free will to choose what is right or what is wrong. The main character is an innocent young man who can not fully discern his companions’ motives. He gradually grows on his journey and can finally switch sides or continue with his original companions. James W. O’Clock has beautifully summarized everyone’s moral growth. Our parents teach us to be kind, hopeful, and loving when we are young, but experiences take us to a fork in life. And it is here that we decide who we will be and how we will treat others. I loved everything about this book, especially the poetic narration, the creative acronym (SOCOBY), and the eye-catching illustrations. The visuals are amazing. They look like anime art and correspond perfectly with the story. This is wonderful work.”

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