Testimonial 3

SOCOBY is a breathtaking and striking illustrated story that poses fundamental questions about life and the conflict of good versus evil. This symbolic, cautionary tale profoundly represents what it’s like to travel through life’s journey – and face its greatest questions and struggles. The work of fiction is touching and intensely relevant – making it the perfect story for readers of all ages.
The protagonist, SOCOBY, finds himself in the “State Or Condition Of Being Young”. As a light shines on his path, he encounters numerous thought provoking characters. Along his journey, he comes across Hope, Faith, Love, Wisdom, and Understanding. As SOCOBY is accompanied by these new friends, he must take time to reflect and comprehend what it truly means to have them in his life. As this profound story progresses, the protagonist also must confront “the challenges of all that the night brings”, and learn how to face them.

In the darkness, SOCOBY meets characters named Self, Passion, Hate, Jealousy, and Fear. These characters also do their best to guide the young protagonist. But, in the end, it is only his decision to determine the direction that is best to follow.

This story is filled with such wisdom in its 56 pages. It emphasizes the importance of every decision in life, and how easily we can be molded and shaped while young. Beyond that, the illustrations are vibrant – and truly bring this one-of-a-kind story to life.

As I engrossed myself in the story, I thought deeply about the characters SOCOBY comes across. I reflected on the ways that I initially confronted them in my life, and how I still face them today. I came to understand that life will forever be the product of a series of choices. It’s not always easy to make the right decision. As the story makes clear, we constantly must wrestle with our thoughts and face both confusion and uncertainty. But, we have to learn how to live with that uncertainty, and strive to do the right thing.

This powerful book shows that life’s journey, and being young, can be challenging. With light, there is darkness. The journey is never simple, and it is filled with difficult decisions. You’ll find that SOCOBY represents everyone in this wonderful, oftentimes perplexing world.

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