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SOCOBY is a symbolic, cautionary tale about good versus evil, but the story and its associated illustrations also guide the reader to realize that there is an ultimate decision all of us on planet earth must make.  What is that fundamental decision?  Explore SOCOBY to find the answer.

Welcome to the journey of SOCOBY

This is the first of several illustrated poems we plan to publish
to ignite the hearts and imaginations of all ages.

About the author

James W. O’Clock

From the 1970s to this day, Bill never lost his love for wonder and beauty. In his youth he put his vision to paper and now, after 50 years, it comes to life.

Iowa native James W. “Bill” O’Clock was raised in South Dakota. Though his professional career spanned over 40 years in disciplines such as engineering, management and bioethics, Mr. O’Clock continued to enjoy many other activities including writing poetry. The author’s interest in poetry first started when he was in college, and continued to grow as writers such as C.S. Lewis inspired him to use his poems to convey symbolic values and ideas. Now retired, Bill O’Clock is rewriting some of the poems he penned almost 50 years ago, and SOCOBY is the first. SOCOBY is ripe with possibilities for all of his creative writing imagination; to see it come to life with vivid and stunning illustrations is a dream come true.

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the first in a series of illustrated poems/short stories that fall under the Fiction/Fantasy/Short Stories genre

“The words make a poetic narrative that is deep; with the pictures, it becomes bottomless.”

Johnny & Pat Hunter
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